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Hi, I’m Suzy Vadori!

I’m an award-winning Author, as well as an Author Accelerator Advanced Accredited Book Coach. I can help you get the story that’s exploding in your mind onto your page in a way your readers will LOVE. I was a business executive for 20 years before finishing my first book, The Fountain, which went on to sell thousands of copies and win awards. This three book series went on to become a 3 time finalist for the Aurora Awards, and I’m now represented by Naomi Davis of Bookends Literary Agency.

But when I arrived in the writing industry with a dream to finally write a book, I was appalled and frustrated by the slow pace and the difficulty in finding information. Where was the GUIDEBOOK? There had to be a better, more efficient way.

I spent the next decade studying with some of the best agents, editors and writers in the world, and building the guidebook I wish I had when I started, while helping hundreds of writers learn to find their voice and tell their story in gripping ways. In the Wicked Good Fiction Bootcamp, I share the exact framework you need, along with practical examples you can use to make your book wicked good.

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  • Live, interactive 3-day online event (September 7 - 9, 2023) that will get you inspired and give you specific information to get you closer to finishing the book you're writing
  • Live access to award-winning author and Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach Suzy Vadori during  Q&A
  • Private Facebook Group with daily check-ins and accountability
  • Find out how you can work with Suzy in her Wicked Good Fiction Bootcamp this fall

Grab Your Seat in Suzy's Writers' Virtual Retreat

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from September 7 - 9, 2023

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I wrote "The End"!

One step closer to my writing dreams. My editing and coaching sessions with Suzy have been invaluable. Her editorial comments help me positively recognize areas for improvement. She asks great questions and encourages me to dive deeper into my novel and uncover my reason "why" for this story. She has a gift for pulling world-building out of my head so I can get it onto the page.  Suzy's knowledge of the writing process and her extra resources guided me through this overwhelming writing journey..

- Amurlee Ashton, Middle Grade Fantasy Writer
Working with Suzy on my manuscript was an eye-opening experience.

Her passion for writing and editing shines through in every comment. She asks prompting questions and provides detailed feedback with examples on how you can move forward.

I found her advice invaluable and her questions made me look at my story and writing in a whole new light.

If you need help bringing your characters and story to life, I would highly recommend working with Suzy

- R.E. Baird, Fantasy & Romance Writer
I refuse to submit any manuscript to my agent without first having Suzy give me her insightful and constructive feedback... and my agent appreciates it!

When my Mystery Manuscript needed a second set of eyes on it I asked Suzy to have a look. She not only found plot issues I needed to address, but also some research errors I had missed.

Her knowledge of character development, story structure, and story tone also made a huge difference in my RomCom Manuscript.

- Tim Reynolds, Author of Waking AnastasiaThe Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly

Grab Your Seat in Suzy's Writers' Virtual Retreat

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